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Headphones Zone is a site created by a group of enthusiasts who aim to make the popular music listening with headphones. This we believe is the shortest way to get closer to high fidelity (HI-FI) or the highest class of systems known as (HI-END) – to enjoy music in all its brilliance, just as it is created by the author and recreated by the conductor and performers.

Through headphones, not only to hear details and nuances, which are very hard to be felt with the speakers, but also avoids all the shortcomings of the room listening to his acoustic and imperative process and for our objectives. We pay attention to all the other components that make up our audio systems – amplifiers, sources (CD players, turntables, etc..) Cable (interconnect, power, etc.). And of course the various publishers and editions of our favorite artists. Do not ignore even accessories such as audio shelves, chair listening and other small details that make us happy attending to our favorite hobby.

Three years after the founding of the club, we have over 50 members who have already built headphones systems, enabling listeners to share experiences, music, impressions, or simply an opportunity to get together, see and talk about our hobby (or things of life) in warm company and a favorite drink.I hope you can join us!

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